How to Carve a Pumpkin

Are you excited for the spooky Halloween season? The thought of getting things prepared must be baffling you already. Well, worry no more, for we have got your back.

Before you go ahead and experiment with your Jack O’ Lantern, don’t forget to read our guide. We’re sure that it will help you out in winning the next pumpkin carving competition.

Getting things prepared

First up, choose the best pumpkin available. The stem should be firmly intact; the greener, the better. In addition to that, prep your carving area. Since pumpkins can be very messy to deal with, make sure to carve them outdoors. You can place a sheet on the ground to ensure easy cleaning.

Step-by-Step Guiding to Carve your Pumpkin Perfectly

Step one: wash the pumpkin

Bathe your pumpkin in warm soapy water. It is to stop
further growth of mold or any other germs that would ruin your perfect Halloween décor.

Step two: separate the crown

Next, carefully cut off the crown section using a serrated knife. Our Tatara knife might help you with this job in a better way. Make sure that you don't cut your finger because we don’t want REAL blood all over the floor.

Step three: scoop out the pulp

Now that you’ve opened the pumpkin, grab a big spoon and whoop out all the seeds. You can surf the internet for some delicious pumpkin recipes and try them out!

Step four: outline the face

It’s finally time to show your artistic skills, so grab a smooth marker and draw a face. Remember, the scarier, the better. Once you have drawn and outlined your ideas, carve them out using Tsumiwakashi knife.

Step five: Decorate and secure,

Lastly, add tea lights or nets to give a spookier look and pop back on the crown you once separated. Don’t forget to rub Vaseline on all sides to preserve your dear Jack o’ Lantern.

Why our knives, Tatara and Tsumiwakashi will do a great job?

Tsumiwakashi is a versatile kitchen knife that works like a pro on hard vegetables such as pumpkins. It is made out of high carbon stainless steel using old forging methods. This is why it will last for generations. You may use it for carving your pumpkin. Check out its picture below and purchase it now!

Tsumiwakashi knife

When it comes to Tatara, anything is possible with its broad and sharp-edged blade. All the GOOD things! For instance, cutting the crown off a hard pumpkin. This knife has a legacy of becoming a chef's favorite. So what are you waiting for? Buy and add it in your kitchen collection as soon as possible.  

Tatara Knife

Some Rewarding Tips 

Carving ideas and designs:

Before you finally carve out the ghostly features, make sure to give your designs a test run. It will help you with neatness and perfection.

You can use a pencil, erasable marker, or a washable marker to outline the face and then choose the design that is your favorite. You can choose from so many ideas on the internet so here is our all-time favorite. A screaming pumpkin with LED lights on the inside and a net flowing out of its mouth. Oh no, just the thought of it brings horror!

Preserving the pumpkin:

Make sure to preserve your pumpkin once you have carved it. Usually, a carved-out pumpkin can last as few as three days to a maximum of three weeks. Apply Vaseline on all sides of the pumpkin or use a bathroom cleaner containing bleach. It would not let any animals harm your Jack o’ Lantern.

Pumpkin ( Carved )

We hope that our article was helpful for you. Let us know about your thoughts on our knives. More importantly, we will like to receive an update from you all regarding the pumpkins you carved. Happy Halloween!