We founded WASABI Knives as two best friends from childhood with the ambition of providing high quality, elegant yet extremely sharp Knives for everyone. Our sole mission is to make our customers happy while providing the best possible experience.

We both discovered our passion for cooking at an early age and became obsessed with it. As time went by, we began to have regular cooking parties for friends, and we noticed how many people were fascinated by our kitchen Knives and other tools. When asked, it turned out that many of them only had a few Knives, which were dull, of poor quality and not suited for the particular cooking task. Quite a few friends replaced their old Knives on our recommendations and afterwards found a whole new level of joy in cooking. Check out our blog to avoid the same mistakes!

Our expertise as engineers combined with our passion for cooking led us to fulfill our dream and found WASABI Knives to make high quality, beautiful and sharp Knives available to everyone. We worked for years on our passion project and learned everything there is to know about Knives. We have teamed up with hand-selected experts to work together to make our customers happy without any compromise, while ensuring high quality at fair working conditions. After a lot of work we have created a unique collection of Hand-forged and Damascus Knives that makes each of our friends and customers happy day after day.

The daily feedback from our customers about the beauty and quality of the Knives is priceless and shows us that we are doing the right thing. We thank you very much! Without your support our success would not be possible. If you have any feedback or questions, don't hesitate and contact us immediately at info@wasabi-knives.com. We do everything to make you happy!

We sincerely hope you enjoy cooking and living your passion with WASABI Knives!