The Ultimate Guide to Real Truffels

People have been using truffles as delicacies for many years. Even the Ancient Roman and Greek royals made use of it due to its aroma and uniqueness. Unfortunately, truffles are still only affordable for the wealthiest. Many people think of truffles as mushrooms since both are types of fungus. However, they have a stronger relationship with carrots than mushrooms as they also grow underground.

If you are intrigued to know more about this delicacy, read on as we are about to uncover different kinds of truffles and the ways of using them. By the end, you will be able to decide which truffle deserves to be a part of your shopping list!

1. Black Summer Truffle

Black Summer Truffle is one of the most popular truffles and is used in many dishes. These truffles are usually black from the outside and white from the inside. Moreover, they are a rich source of nutrients and antioxidants. According to many people, they have an earthy, mild, and subtle taste. 

Just like other truffles, these are also rare and expensive. Today, they are being grown in farms found in Italy, Spain, and France. According to farmers, it is best to harvest them from  May 1 to September 30th.

Black Summer truffles are popularly drizzled over pasta and various appetizers. Moreover, chefs also use them as an ingredient for cooking soups, salads, fish and meat. In addition to this, they are also added to some doughs.

2. Winter White Truffles

Some European chefs call white truffles as the 'diamond' of the kitchen. These delicacies are white in colour and posses a clear aroma. They have a heavily earthy flavor that makes them a great addition to many recipes. In addition to this, white truffles have anti-bacterial and anti-flammatory properties. 

White Winter Truffles,

White truffles are harvested in Italy and some other European locations from October to December. These truffles are typically used as condiment which helps to enhance the flavor of several pastas, rice, and egg dishes.

3. Burgundy Truffles

Burgundy Truffles are also extremely popular. They have diamond-shaped warts on the surface and have a chocolatey taste and smell. To our delight, even the inside is chocolatey brown in color! They are commonly found in clayey soils under shady trees.

Burgundy Truffle

Burgundy Truffle,

Burgundy Truffles are currently being harvested in European countries such as Italy and France. Dordogne is one location where you can find them. They are mostly harvested in winters from, October 1 to December 31.

Like Black Summer Truffles, this type also becomes the limelight of appetizers, soups, fish, meat, and even eggs.

4. Spoleto/Périgord Truffle

Spoleto Truffle is the best French truffle that you will ever get to purchase. It has a long-lasting taste which resembles roasted dry-fruits. With a dark brown/black flesh, it has white veins running through the inner part. Additionally, they have a really pleasant aroma. Many people regard them as 'black diamonds' because the cost per pound is over $2,000.

Périgord Truffles are mostly found in the southern part of France and some other parts of Europe. Mid-November up to the end of March is the best time span to harvest them.

It is best to use Périgord truffles in slightly heated or raw form. They are mostly grated, shaved, sliced, or slivered before being tossed into a dish. Its unique aroma and flavor are a great addition to rice, pasta, potatoes, and creamy sauces and oils. 

5. Chinese Black Truffles

There are various types of Chinese Black truffles. Despite an appearance similar to those of Périgord, there texture and taste resemble that of rubber. Consequently, they are not as expensive as other truffles. According to experts, there value is no more than a regular mushroom. Therefore, you should always do research before purchasing a truffle that suits your demand.

Chinese Black Truffle

Chinese Black Truffle,

These truffles are abundantly available in China, mainly in Yunnan and Sichuan. These are usually harvested in November.

According to a research, Chinese feed these truffles to pigs and other live stock. They do not usually consume these truffles themselves. However, they do get added into dishes like soups after being artificially flavored and scented.

6. Oregon Black Truffle

 The Oregon Black truffle has an earthy taste similar to that of a pine apple and comes with a pungent odor. Many chefs regard is as the second best truffle after Périgord. However, its aroma decreases with an increase in heat. Therefore, you need to be careful!

Oregon Black Truffle

Oregon Black Truffle,

Oregon Truffles are also grown in winters, usually from the beginning of November till March. These truffles are usually harvested by farmers in South West Washington and North western Oregon.

As they loose their aroma with heat, its best to use Oregon truffles in raw form. They are commonly added to dishes containing meat or desserts.

Bottom Line

Truffles are some of the most expensive ingredients that are used while cooking. Most of them originate in European countries like Italy, France, and Spain. However, they are also harvested in some parts of China and the United States of America. Some of the popular types include Périgord Truffles, Oregon Truffles, Black Summer Truffles, and Burgundy Truffles. However, there are many other types as well.

The Chinese black truffle is greatly similar to Périgord. However, there is a stark contrast between the taste of the two. Therefore, one must be careful while choosing the right truffle. 

With so much information at hand, you must be wondering if you should try one of these types as well. Do let us know if you try any of them!