All orders placed after June 2020 are excluded from the delays mentioned below and should arrive in time.

US Orders

Sharpener Orders before June

Dear Customer,

We have recently been asked more often why it takes so long in some cases to deliver the package that has already arrived in the United States. We would like to use the feedback we got from you to inform you transparently about the current situation. For this purpose we have contacted USPS, FedEx and customs offices, because unfortunately only the American packages are affected by these difficulties.

It has been found that US customs and especially USPS post offices are struggling with illness, reduced staff and severe underfunding, while online shopping is increasing rapidly. Since FedEx also has a shortage of personnel, USPS has to take on many packages that should be delivered with FedEx. Unfortunately, USPS does not have enough resources to meet the usual fast delivery times. In addition, we sadly had to learn from USPS that the collection of international packages has a low priority. This is due to the reasons mentioned above, so that the high volume of local US parcels can be handled with as few delays as possible. 

This increases USPS/FedEx processing times, but we have also been told that the situation should slowly calm down in the near future. However, we cannot speed up this process and have no control over how long it takes. The speed currently also depends on specific Corona regulations/ongoing riots of the US States and even regions within the States. Here you can learn more about the difficulties our partner USPS is facing and which are delaying deliveries (since April 17): 

With this statement we appeal to your warmth and humanity to show some compassion to us as a small international company. With Wasabi Knives we were able to fulfill our dream of offering beautiful and super sharp knives at best prices. Now we have a full stock and cannot deliver knives due to the shipping situation, because we don't want to burden our valuable customers with long delivery times anymore.

We appreciate your patience in this unforeseen event. And we wish you and your family to remain safe and healthy. 

If you wish to track you package you can do so here:

Note: We are monitoring the situation very closely and will update this page as soon as we know more. Until then we ask you to avoid similar questions by mail, to relieve our brave Maria (customer support) a little bit.

(Last update: 06/01/2020)

***UPDATE 06/18/2020***

We have good news. The situation is calming down and we have new Information that we want to share with you:

  • Old Yun Express packages (tracking numbers start with "YT"/ orders from April) get new updates since a few days, after the status "customs clearance completed" lasted very long. According to USPS, many old packages are expected to arrive next week. If you would like to know your USPS number, please email us and we will send it to you.
  • If you still have the status "customs clearance completed", we would like to inform you that this status can last for a maximum of 40 days, after which there will be an update. This means that your package should hopefully arrive within 2 months.
  • If your shipment was sent with Yanwen (tracking numbers start with "UF") and there hasn't been a status update for a month, please send us an email and we will send you a new package immediately.

***UPDATE 06/04/2020***

We will answer here the most frequently asked email questions, which are related to this situation. With this we want to offer you the greatest possible transparency. This section will be updated on a regular basis, so please check here for the latest information.

1) When will my order arrive? 

The delays in delivery are due to a large number of external circumstances, which are attributable to higher powers in the USA. In addition to the Covid-19 delays, there are currently also further delays due to riots. In combination with the different corona regulations of different states it is therefore not possible for us to make accurate forecasts. As soon as the corona pandemic stabilizes, the shipping situation should also stabilize. You can rest assured, however, that all logistics providers are currently working continuously on a solution to these problems, as their main business also suffers greatly from these conditions.

2) Can I track my order on a third party website?

Yes, you can use every tracking site which is capable to track international parcels. We recommend the use of 17track as this is the most popular site: Most of the tracking numbers which start with "YT" can also be tracked with USPS. You can write an email to us if you want to know your USPS number. Please note that the status will not update until USPS has possession of the package. This may take longer at the moment.

3) Which shipping carrier do you use and why?

We usually ship packages with ePacket. ePacket uses passenger planes to deliver the goods and is usually a fast and reliable shipping method. Due to Covid-19 however, many passenger flights to the USA were cancelled from one day to the other, so many packages are waiting currently at the airport. So this method is no option for us anymore.

Afterwards we tried Yanwen (tracking numbers start with "UF") and Yun Express (tracking numbers start with "YT"). Unfortunately, both carriers cannot keep their promised delivery time of 30 days due to circumstances in the USA. However, they are reliable for orders to Europe, Canada and Australia.

You may wonder if there is no other reliable carrier at the moment. Yes, there is. DHL for example could guarantee delivery within two weeks. The problem? International shipping is very expensive currently (also with Yanwen and Yun Express). The latest inquiry with DHL (and all comparable reliable providers) has shown that shipping costs start from $100 upwards per package. This is due to the high demand and the high weight of 2.5lb. We cannot and do not want to pass this price on to you. 

4) Can I cancel my order?

We are really sorry that you consider canceling your order. We absolutely understand that waiting is unpleasant but we are doing our best every single day to solve this issue as fast as possible and to keep you informed. Every order is associated with high shipping costs, handling fees, personnel and advertising costs, therefore we can not cancel your order when it already arrived in the US and is stuck there because of circumstances which we can't influence. 

We hope that the information we have provided is sufficient to understand our situation. We thank you very much!

European Orders

Most packages arrive within 2 weeks, but it can take up to 4 weeks until your order arrives. Delays of 2-3 days are possible.