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I fell in love with ceramics as soon as I tried it in my first year at art school. At that moment there was no turning back and I knew that clay was the material for me and I wanted to work in 3 dimensions. I've never lost my love of working with clay and I just thrive on the process of making.

It was a month of gentle goodbyes to Spring, as the days become warmer and longer and Summer finally beckons. A month of playing with soft sweet smelling lilac, and beautiful bold peonies, in my studio for styling opportunities, as I stretched my throwing skills further and experimented with new colour palettes with my porcelain slip casting.


How do you work?

I am lucky enough to have a beautiful studio in the heart of Edinburgh. My studio is in a large building with over 50 artists. This has been a real advantage to my practice as I work in an enriching environment with painters, weavers, jewelers, print-makers as well as other ceramicists. This has fed my creativity and given me the confidence to incorporate other disciplines like printmaking and sculpture into my work. I don't do detailed drawings, preferring to scribble initial ideas into my sketchbook but finalizing my designs in clay. I'm not a morning person and love nothing better than settling down in my studio, with Radio 4 playing in the background, and working late into the evening


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My work changed dramatically about 15 years ago. I used to make very richly decorated lustrous caskets inspired by Medieval reliquaries, but one day almost overnight I realized I had reached the end of the road with that work. I had had enough of colour and just stopped. I packed away all my glazes and lustres, ordered some samples of porcelain clay and started afresh. In hindsight it seems a rash thing to do but I have never regretted it.


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