6 Things you didn't know about working with sharp knives

Although it is well known that working with sharp knives is more pleasant and efficient, many people use blunt knives, which may have been sharp at one time and are no more so. When asked why they work with such knives, they often answer "I don't think it's that bad", "I can do without them", "I can't handle sharp knives" etc. But why not dare to try a really good knife?

Do you really need such sharp Knives like the ones offered at our Store?

Many people used to say about smartphones that they were unnecessary, too complicated and too expensive. Until they tried them out. After that, life without smartphones became unimaginable. The same goes for knives.

Once you've had the pleasure of working with high quality, sharp knives, you don't want to put them down. Every dish becomes exciting, a day in the kitchen is fun. The quality of life increases.

6 Reasons why sharp knives are essential for every good cook:

Fun: First and foremost, cooking with sharp knives is a lot more fun. This way you can ensure enjoying your passion to the fullest.

Easier: Cooking often requires a lot of cutting. And here the knives are the star of the show. You decide whether the cutting work involves a lot or little effort. If every cut feels like cutting through butter, cooking is so much easier.

Faster: Because you can cut easily, efficiently and precisely, you save a lot of time and stress in the long run.
    Safer: Blunt knives require more pressure when cutting. This can lead to the knife easily slipping off, so you can injure yourself. Sharp knives can cut through anything with less pressure and effort, reducing the risk of injury.
      Clean and right cuts: Every product has its own characteristics and therefore needs a knife that is suitable for them. Sushi, for example, requires the use of a sharp knife to cut the fish and the rolls cleanly.
        Keep the full flavor: Many foods also have a special consistency, which is destroyed by using a blunt knife, so that the taste suffers. These include herbs such as parsley and chives, which can be cut easily using a sharp knife without loss of aroma and consistency.

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