Best camping knives: Our picks

When braving the great outdoors, readiness is crucial. There’s little worse than being stuck somewhere remote, and finding yourself far from well-equipped. Bringing the right gear along is vital, and carrying the most pragmatic knife, or two, is essential! 

We’ve shortlisted our top six knives for camping below. 

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The Tatara’s all-rounded nature deem it a worthy camping accomplice. Its hand forged high carbon steel blade and full tang ebony handle ensure its durability and robustness. Its grind allows it to both cut finely, and to cut through tough meats, steak, and vegetables.

It can even go as far as cutting through carcasses and wood without the need for applying much pressure, and without risking degradation of its blade. 

Its adaptable competence coupled with the fact that it comes with a sheath and a small sharpening stone, position the Tatara as an optimal choice for camping out. 


Resembling a cross between a Kiritsuke and Nakiri, the Yuri is a categorically versatile knife that is well-attuned to the many facets of the typical camping experience.

Its unique tip and partially curved blade results in its unparalleled precision, whilst its Nakiri-esque height and thinness enable it to deftly cut vegetables of all shapes and sizes. 


The conveniently compact Tsumiwakashi offers a number of qualities that make it a first-class camping companion. Hand forged from high carbon steel, it boasts supreme sharpness, edge retention, and can be relied on to remain chip free. 

All the while, its curved blade coupled with its full tang handle ensures that it’s the perfect blend of robustness and agility. Hence, from separating meat from tendons and bones, to chopping, dicing, and even fine slicing, its widespread effectiveness is tried and true. 

Finally, its handmade leather sheath makes it the perfect resource for outdoors adventures. 


A camping trip is only as good as its gear. For guaranteed dependability and durability, the Harumi prevails. Made from German tungsten steel, it offers remarkable sharpness, which it retains even with frequent use.

Its full tang handle is ergonomically friendly whilst serving to enhance the knife’s strength and resilience. Accordingly, even the most extensive campfire-cutting sessions require little human exertion. 

Last but not least, the Harumi is well suited to the rock chop technique; perfect for fine mincing your favourite fresh seasonings. 


The Yakiire is renowned for stealing the spotlight! Hand forged from high manganese steel, the blades thick, large, and pointed design is quite literally designed for butchering animals, and doing so with ease. 

The stainless nature of its blade ensures that it’s easily maintainable, meaning less time cleaning and more time embracing the camping experience.  


The Arashiage’s compact size deems it optimal for portable use, as well as enabling it to effortlessly take meat apart. 

Its hand forged nature means that not only is the blade thick and strong, it offers superior sharpness too. Thus, don’t be deceived by its size; the Arashiage can cut through tough meats, hard vegetables, and even small bones, without difficulty.

Its accompanying leather sheath cements the knife's well deserved status of camper's best friend. 


Preparedness when camping is key to the trip’s success, of which packing an appropriate knife is a key component. From their convenient sizes and sheaths, to the sheer scope of their functionality, the above mentioned knives exhibit a multitude of noteworthy qualities that deem them ideal picks for such adventures.