America’s Most Popular Food Trucks

Gone are the days when dining options were restricted to cafes, restaurants, or food that we prepared ourselves in advance. When we’re out and about, it doesn’t get much more convenient than a food truck.

Across America, food trucks can be found in abundance. Whilst they have a reputation for their presence at festivals and other big events, it’s become a norm to find them parked up on regular streets too. 

Inspired? Look no further. We’ve done the research. Simply read on to learn more about a few of America’s most popular food trucks. 

Oink & Moo BBQ (New Jersey)

Photo by Oink & Moo BBQ

Oink & Moo BBQ is a New Jersey native food truck, with two established truck sites in the state. The concept was co-founded by Josh Sacks and Kevin Trimarchi in 2011. Inspired by their travels across the Barbecue Belt regions of America, they became passionate about bringing these authentic Southern flavors to New Jersey, and it’s safe to say that they accomplished their mission. 

Their curated food truck menu is small but mighty, and features the likes of brisket, pulled pork sliders, chipotle chicken tacos, and more. Whilst their menu is simple, it’s certainly special. The ingredients are minimal and made entirely from scratch.

What’s more, Oink & Moo has won a bunch of awards for its fantastic work. For instance, in 2016 they were rated the number one food truck in the country by the Daily Meal. 

Finally, Oink & Moo can be hired by the general public for their catering needs. So if you have a wedding or any special event coming up for that matter, rest assured that Oink & Moo will leave your guests thoroughly impressed. 

Street-Za (Milwaukee)

Photo by Street-Za

Street-Za started as a Milwaukee food truck conjuring up fresh pizza with organic toppings straight out of the truck’s oven. It quickly gained recognition for its offering both locally and globally from a range of reputable establishments including Bloomberg Business, Forbes, The Food Network, and many more. It's immense popularity has since seen its expansion to a presence in Milwaukee's American Family Field's baseball stadium. 

Street-Za truly has something for everyone. Its pizza is affordable, served whole or by the slice, and home to a vast range of toppings. From classics such as pepperoni and traditional vegetables, through to innovative combinations such as the brand’s infamous Chicken Alfredo special slice, we can see why so many people rave about it. 

Moreover, pizza lovers across America are in luck! Street-Za offers catering for events, including weddings and has experience doing so since 2009. 

Kogi BBQ (Hollywood)

Photo by Kogi BBQ

Kogi BBQ kicked off in 2008 when its initial plot just across the way from a Hollywood nightclub gained significant traction through social media. The business took off and today, features a fleet of five renowned food trucks serving delectable Mexican-Korean fusion cuisine across California. 

The ingredient responsible for propelling the brand’s success is its mouthwatering short rib, which is served in both taco and burrito form. Other favourites include the Blackjack quesadilla, Kogi sliders, and the Pacman burger. 

The brand shares its weekly truck schedule on its website and Instagram so from Pasadena to Los Angeles, you’ll know where to find them on any given day. 

Food trucks aside, Kogi’s success has seen its considerable expansion. It has launched its own catering company, alongside a bar, taqueria, and a rice bowl counter shop. 

Bite Into Maine (Maine)

Photo by Bite Into Maine

Maine is infamous for its seafood and lobster, a notion that the Bite Into Maine food trucks represent seamlessly. Founded in 2011 by a husband and wife duo, Bite Into Maine serves up lobster for days in multiple ways, from six types of lobster rolls, to lobster bisque, and even lobster grilled cheeses. 

Essentially, as far as lobster is concerned, its menu is unparalleled. Whilst it now exists as a flourishing food truck, the concept comes from humble beginnings as a mere food cart. 

The business has been well recognised across America’s food industry, featuring on The Cooking Channel, The Food Network, Somebody Feed Phil, Condé Nast Traveler, and more. 

Torched Goodness (Kansas)

Last but not least, and oh so sweet. Situated in Kansas, Torched Goodness is a dessert truck with over ten years of expertise in all-natural and gluten-free creme brûlée; an offering that it has racked up several national awards for. 

It serves the popular dessert in a range of over 30 flavors, from sea salt caramel, to orange blossom, to seasonal flavors such as the all-time favourite, pumpkin spice. 

Outside of its renowned creme brûlée offering, Torched Goodness offer s’morse, donuts, all kinds of pie, and much much more. There truly is a unique dessert for everyone!


The food truck scene has never been more exciting. In America, food trucks populate every single state; all fifty of them. They’re in high demand and cover every cuisine imaginable. 

Of the thousands of food trucks in existence, we’ve rounded up a worthy five. Our chosen ones have won deserving awards and continue to thrive, offering catering services and more alongside their day to day operations.

If you ever happen to come across one of them, do give their menu a try. We look forward to hearing your thoughts!